Tuesday, April 13, 2010

holidays in the sun

This is my first ever visit to an internet cafe - although there's no coffee. In fact this aint no cafe it's a video rental store. But here I am, living on the edge.

I've been having a lazy holiday with the family soaking in sunshine, swimming, reading, eating... bliss but no internet access. Hence the internet-whatever-this-is.

Did I mention I was having a craft-free holiday. Strange but true. I've brought some knitting but I've hardly touched it. Too busy reading.

I was about to launch into Wolf Hall when Cath Rose thrust A S Byatt's new tome, The Children's Book into my hands. So far it's splendid. Cromwell will have to wait.

x Sarah

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Amy said...

Oh, I adored The Children's Book. Even the cover was beautiful.