Monday, May 31, 2010

Five faves

Pip from Meet Me At Mikes is playing five faves. Time to join in. Only five mind you. No 5a or 5.1. So here we go.

1. These three beauties. Miss 9, Mr 6 and Mr 3. Oh how they rock my world. (And make me crazy sometimes!)

2. This Jello (Jelly to us) Mould Light Fitting. I really want one.

3. Helen Dardik. Anything by her.

4. Rain on the roof. And not coming inside. (And a lovely husband who gets on the roof to fix it when it does:))

5. Vinnies. My number one stop for upcycling supplies.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thanks ViEW Exhibits customers and organisers

Well after yesterday's shameless showing off - really Sarah - today I want to say a BIG thank you to the organisers and customers of the ViEW Exhibits market and exhibition at St Ignatius College, Riverview. It was lovely to be showing my wares among such lovely company.

There were some stunning products from Samantha Robinson ceramics. Her bowls, teapots, teacups - well everything really were amazingly beautiful. I have my eye on one of her beautiful bowls. (Well actually on all of them.)

And then there were the gorgeous zipper pouches and badges from Lilypad designs. I couldn't resist a lovely Little Red Riding Hood pouch but I did put it straight into my present box.

If you stopped by my stall - thank you! It was quite peculiar to send my goodies into the world and not be there to explain them and have a chat.

x Sarah

Monday, May 24, 2010

I made this ... and this ... and this

Pip from Meet me at Mikes is having a fun meme - "I made this". It can be anything. Pip's Vanilla & Berry tart looks super yummy. So what did I make?

some bilbies

another circle scarf

a vintage map and car picture

a reversible tote bag

and a whole suitcase full of messy birds

Have you made anything lately. I bet you have. It can be ANYTHING!

x Sarah

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dilemma solved!

I have an ethical dilemma that raises its head and glares at me as I scour op shops for woollen jumpers.

Every now and then Miss Dilemma pipes up, "You're not going to buy that perfectly good woollen jumper and deliberately RUIN it are you? Someone could use that lovely piece of knitwear and you're just going to shrink it and cut it up."

Well I have an answer for E. Dilemma. "I'm only buying the jumpers that have holes, are marked or are already shrunk." I feel like sticking out my tongue and saying, "So there!" But that would be childish.

Well my decision has paid dividends this week. SIX LOVELY DAMAGED JUMPERS. I visited some local Vinnies and found some gorgeous preshrunk and holey items that are just what I need for making more scarves. So Miss Dilemma, put that in your pipe and smoke it. (Except I'm sure she doesn't smoke.)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

requiem for yellow

It was my favourite colour when I was five. And I remember thinking how original it was of me to choose yellow and not pink as my colour of choice. Sadly yellow has long been ignored by me as I fancied myself somehow too mature for the favourite colour thing. And then red stole my heart.

Imagine my delight when Mr 6 (or Mr 2 as he was then) showed a distinct preference for yellow above all else. Until today... He has now announced he has a new favourite colour. Poor yellow has been tossed aside in favour of .... blue. So here's to you yellow in all your sunny splendour. Thanks for being there when I needed you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanks Kid Independent!

Thank you to the lovely people at Kid Independent who featured one of my floral necklace scarves on their blog today. So nice to be included among such fabulous creations. Check out their blog here.

It's a mad house here. I'm participating in the Riverview College fundraiser called ViEW Exhibits and I've been frantically making, labelling and packaging for the deadline. Which was today but which has been kindly extended until tomorrow. If you're in Sydney this weekend do take a look at the exhibition. Oh and everything is for sale or auction.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a little fixation... aka mummysam

Do you ever discover something or someone and get a little, well, fixated? It's a nicer word than obsessed but I guess it means the same thing.

I've had many fixations in my time. When I was about 13 I had a thing for Cary Grant movies and for Cary Grant too, which is just so wrong for so many reasons. I still reckon he was one of the best comic actors of the early twentieth century but that's as far as I'll take it.

Other fixations have included the colour red (still going on that one), Graeco-Roman mythology which I haven't really abandoned, the Christian martyr Vibia Perpetua who kept a diary! and children's author Kate diCamillo who I still consider to be one of the best children's writers of all time. (Don't get me started or I bang on about it all day)

But I digress. My latest fixation is with an American artist called Samantha Cotterill known as mummysam. She is a painter who has retrained herself as a fibre artist and she creates gorgeous, textured pieces with equal doses of whimsy and poignancy. I showed her blog and etsy shop to Miss 9 and she was nearly as smitten as me.

All of her pieces tell a story. I particularly love "wanna play jacks?" (it's under the duck) but I could quite happily have a wall of her hoop pictures. So do check out mummysam and maybe buy something. I'm hoping for a couple of good markets so I can buy myself some art for my birthday!

what are your fixations, past or present?

x Sarah

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New necklace scarves

With the weather getting chilly it's great to have a scarf to wrap around your lovely neck. I have some new scarves in stock and more coming. They'll be on soon. What colours do you like?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Thanks Mathilda's customers

Yesterday was my first experience of a Mathilda's Market and it was quite something. I don't think I've ever seen so many pregnant women in one place before in my life (and that includes the maternity ward!) There were some amazing looking stalls but unfortunately not a moment to wander around and check out everyone else's goodies.

It was very busy and lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to have a look or a chat or make a purchase.

You can find more twice designs at the Riverview Art Show coming up at the end of May. I'll be posting more details soon.

x Sarah