Thursday, May 13, 2010

a little fixation... aka mummysam

Do you ever discover something or someone and get a little, well, fixated? It's a nicer word than obsessed but I guess it means the same thing.

I've had many fixations in my time. When I was about 13 I had a thing for Cary Grant movies and for Cary Grant too, which is just so wrong for so many reasons. I still reckon he was one of the best comic actors of the early twentieth century but that's as far as I'll take it.

Other fixations have included the colour red (still going on that one), Graeco-Roman mythology which I haven't really abandoned, the Christian martyr Vibia Perpetua who kept a diary! and children's author Kate diCamillo who I still consider to be one of the best children's writers of all time. (Don't get me started or I bang on about it all day)

But I digress. My latest fixation is with an American artist called Samantha Cotterill known as mummysam. She is a painter who has retrained herself as a fibre artist and she creates gorgeous, textured pieces with equal doses of whimsy and poignancy. I showed her blog and etsy shop to Miss 9 and she was nearly as smitten as me.

All of her pieces tell a story. I particularly love "wanna play jacks?" (it's under the duck) but I could quite happily have a wall of her hoop pictures. So do check out mummysam and maybe buy something. I'm hoping for a couple of good markets so I can buy myself some art for my birthday!

what are your fixations, past or present?

x Sarah

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