Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brave Mr 6

Sorry for not posting anything this week - I've been a little distracted with family / housey things. I had to take Mr 6 for a blood test today. Poor man. He was very brave and only squirmed a little bit. It made me think of my friend Amy who I was at school with twenty years ago! She used to like needle pain - as she called it... Mr 6 doesn't like needle pain. He said he tried to look at the blood as it went into the vial but he didn't really like the look of it. I didn't either.


Amy said...

These days I have no problem with the pain of the needle but if I see the blood I need to be put upside-down and taken care of for 10 minutes or so to recover! I am so very squeamish! I do hope Mr 6 is OK. Are you going to the reunion? The event itself doesn't sound very enticing but I would like to see some old friends. How long is it since I saw you?

sarah barnett said...

Too long my friend! I will probably go and subsidise the heavy drinkers but it will be lovely to see some old friends. I can't believe it's 20 years!