Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday Finds - swimwear

It is just so darn hot that the only thing for it is to pop on a stylish cossie and head to your nearest source of clean water. Don't forget the hat, shades and sunscreen!

Actually for Scottish-blooded whities like me it's too hot to go anywhere and do anything. This week has been a week of heat-induced migraines and nausea. I'm a delicate flower you know! But hey, nothing wrong with looking stylish while we wilt. Here are some super Australian designed swimwear for gals - big and small.

babes in the shade - really well priced kids cossies and rashies for ladies

just amazingly totally fabulous swimwear from My Sister Pat - how I covet the red polka dot one above but you'll need to save your pennies!


Amy said...

I couldn't face buying a pair of swimmers. I saw some fabulous ones on the Sydney Morning Herald website some months ago and almost considered becoming a swimmer until I discovered that they were $300! I'd much rather just have a cold shower.

sarah barnett said...

I know it's crazy how much a pair of cossies cost but with since Mr Neat and our three messy offspring are all beach crazy I have no choice!