Monday, March 28, 2011

monday ramblings

It's council clean up time around my place at the moment. If you are not privy to this wondrous time on the council calendar it's when households can put out on their verge all the stuff they can't fit into their bins or aren't allowed to chuck out with their family rubbish. So old toys, paint, furniture, cardboard boxes - pretty much anything.
Mr Neat and I are old hands at council clean up trawling. About half our furniture has been acquired from the kerb. But most of the stuff we've seen lately has been, well lets just say, surplus to our needs.

The recent offering has proved no different. On my early morning walk there were parts of the footpath that were virtually covered with refuse. Enormous piles of grubby, broken junk about to be turned into landfill. And what I've been noticing is how much cheap broken furniture there is littering the streets. Which made me think / wonder why people buy cheap furniture.

Mr Neat and I have never spent much on our possessions because they are mostly second-hand. {I think our bed and the kids bunks are the exception.} Buying second-hand means you can get better quality gear for less than new poorer-quality gear. And it lasts.

Mr Neat has extended his spending ethos into most areas of his life. Books, CDs, clothes, wetsuits and shoes {I draw the line at undies and socks!} are usually purchased at our favourite local boutique aka Vinnies. And he always looks sharp and handsome. Perhaps I should call him Mr Thrift...

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