Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pray for Japan

I have food and water. A roof over my head. My family are safe and well. These are riches beyond measure.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have shocked the world. It has made me conscious of how fragile our lives are. How our sense of security is an illusion. How we are not in control of our destiny.

Here are some works by artists who are donating the proceeds of sales to the aid effort in Japan.


Janette said...

I have been praying so much for Japan. It's just terrible. I read Psalm 46: 1-3+7 today which is very poignant at the moment.

sarah barnett said...

Amen to that Janette. Romans 8: 26- 35. Sometimes it's hard to know what to pray for - but my prayer is that God will bring good out of this tragedy.
x Sarah