Sunday, April 3, 2011

new card designs

As the youngest in my family I was always the clown. Whether it was dancing in my dad's mashed potato when I was a toddler or coming up with funny one-liners I learned that humour was a great tool in diffusing tension. I am somewhat averse to conflict (ie can't cope with it and run a mile from an argument) but I do love it when people are laughing.

This new series of cards is, as one customer politely put it, slightly left of centre. They make me smile. What do you think?

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

x Sarah


Amy said...

They are cool cards :) I like to think the second one is someone drinking from a bubbler rather than being sick into a sink....

sarah barnett said...

According to the AIGA - it's a vomit station! The bubbler has the water curving up the other way. Gross I know ... but kinda funny too.