Sunday, April 10, 2011

say cheese

A few weeks ago I took Miss 10 to the Annie Liebovitz exhibition at the fabulous Museum of Contemporary Art. It struck me that I hadn't been to an exhibition for ages - just part of motherhood in the burbs. But I would like to get to see more art and especially with the kids.

Anyway it was rather disappointing, I must say. I'm not really a celebrity-phile but even those were fairly soulless. Miss 10's verdict was, "Too many butts and bosoms." (Glad I didn't take her to see the Robert Mapplethorpe!)

Incidentally the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition was very good - even if it was quite disturbing in part. So the best photographic exhibitions I've been to?

Sebastio Salgado was probably the best. It was certainly the most evocative and memorable.
But honourable mentions to:

* David Moore
* Cindy Sherman
* Max Dupain
* Olive Cotton
* Robert Mapplethorpe

Do you have a favourite photographer? I'd love to see a Dorothea Lange retrospective or anything by Ansel Adams.

Oh and incidentally our visit wasn't a complete disappointment. There was also an exhibition of the work of Bardayal ‘Lofty’ Nadjamerrek (1926-2009), an indigenous artist from West Arnhem Land. His cave-style painting on bark and paper were stunning. Miss 10 was suitably impressed.

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Down that Little Lane said...

I would have to agree it was all a bit graphic and depressing for me too.. I do love Annie's work but I think I am more a Vanity Fair fan if you know what I mean..

Fav photographer at mo is Murray Fredericks.

saw you at the market today....always have loved your stuff but will be following you as hope to approach you with a fab new project in a couple of months..will blog you on for sure xx