Friday, September 23, 2011

Feeling hot!

I'm so hot. But not in a good way. In a temperature-of-38.5-degrees-feeling-really-terrible kind of way.

Miss 10 and Mr 7 have been sick all week with a nasty infection and they have shared the love. Impossible not to really. So now they are on the mend watching cartoons while I feel like melting into a puddle and all the while trying not to think about the bathroom that needs cleaning, the clothes that need washing, the bags that need packing and the market that needs to be prepared for....

What do you do when you feel ill? As a lover of history I do the old, at least I'm not.... trick. So when I start to feel sorry for myself I say, At least I'm not:

  • in the trenches, fighting in WWI
  • stuck on the Kokoda Track fighting in WWII
  • in a medieval village about to have my head opened to release the evil spirits that have caused the fever
  • a slave in any evil empire - there are so many, you can pick whichever one seems worst to you!
  • in childbirth
  • working in some horrendous British factory in the 19th century
  • trapped in a refugee camp with no shelter and little food and water
So you see really things aren't so bad after all. I'm actually extremely blessed and soon this sickness will pass and I can do all those meaningless things like chores and those meaningful things like hugging my children and thanking God that I am loved beyond measure.

I hope you're well!
x Sarah

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New wall art

It's all a  bit of a juggle at the moment. Sick kids, busy work, disastrous house and a looming market. Ever get the feeling that you're doing lots of things but none of them particularly well.

Anyway, I have no idea how much stuff to make for the Canberra market so I'm making lots. Here are some new pictures. Love the vintage typography.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Vintage map and car pictures

Gregory's directories have announced that they are no longer producing printed maps. It's all GPS now. Which is kind of sad. Gregory's were one of the earliest producers of street directories and maps. Clive Barrass was the original map maker and his early maps are just gorgeous.

I am accumulating quite a collection of vintage Gregory's directories. The print quality, paper thickness and colour make these old maps so special.

And they look especially fabulous framed up with a vintage Japanese toy car!

Going in the shop, of course. And available with Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and Adelaide maps...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

new card packs

I've made up some new card packs that will be going in the shop soon. They come in packs of four. $10 a pop.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Market mayhem

What a week. I can always tell when things are busy by the dust tumbleweeds that gather near the corners of rooms and under doors and the creep of mould on the bathroom tiles.

For the first time Mathilda's Market was held at the Byron Kennedy Hall at Fox Studios. There were 134 stalls and I imagined I'd be able to pop around to see Mia from The Raisin did It or Sarah from Gifts Created. As it was the day was flat chat - which is what you really want from a market - but I was thoroughly exhausted by the sheer amount of people crowded into the space. It was quite overwhelming. The best part is catching up with return customers and hearing about what they've bought.

Looking at this unflattering photo of me makes me think I need to lay off the Cadbury's. (I know what you're thinking Amy, but I really like plain milk chocolate - totally unsophisticated, I know!)

Other nice news, the lovely Steph from Bondville featured me on her website here and here (via the gorgeous Anni from Milk and Honey).