Friday, September 2, 2011

Market mayhem

What a week. I can always tell when things are busy by the dust tumbleweeds that gather near the corners of rooms and under doors and the creep of mould on the bathroom tiles.

For the first time Mathilda's Market was held at the Byron Kennedy Hall at Fox Studios. There were 134 stalls and I imagined I'd be able to pop around to see Mia from The Raisin did It or Sarah from Gifts Created. As it was the day was flat chat - which is what you really want from a market - but I was thoroughly exhausted by the sheer amount of people crowded into the space. It was quite overwhelming. The best part is catching up with return customers and hearing about what they've bought.

Looking at this unflattering photo of me makes me think I need to lay off the Cadbury's. (I know what you're thinking Amy, but I really like plain milk chocolate - totally unsophisticated, I know!)

Other nice news, the lovely Steph from Bondville featured me on her website here and here (via the gorgeous Anni from Milk and Honey).


Leanne said...

I think you look beautiful Sarah. HAve Cadbury's whenever you want- I think it's good for you!

Amy said...

You look perfectly slim! As for the chocolate, I don't judge. I happen to love milk chocolate too, just not nearly so much as dark, which is much easier to call health-giving! One day I hope to come and see you at a market. Do you do them all by yourself?

sarah barnett said...

I mostly do them by myself but I'm finding it a bit exhausting doing all the hauling and setting up on my own. And it's a big ask for someone to give up their Saturday... I'm looking forward to the Canberra market where I can leave things set up on the Saturday night for the Sunday.
x Sarah

PS Thanks for the compliments girls!