Sunday, January 15, 2012

no more ms cranky pants

It's a new year and for me it's the year of the dreaded significant birthday.

I don't really mind turning forty but I have come to the sudden realisation that I am now actually a grown up and I have suddenly become less tolerant of things I may not previously have noticed. Loud music in shops annoys me. People texting and tweeting while having lunch with me annoys me. Ubiquitous tattoos annoy me. The superabundance of three-lettered blasphemy really annoys me.

But there's got to be more to being mature than a tendency to be cantankerous. So my quest for 2012 is to explore maturity, to grow up AND be nice about it.


Janette said...

Hehehehe, each of those things also annoy me too Lisa :)
Woo hoo, you going to have a big party???

sarah barnett said...

Mr Neat didn't get around to a party last year when he turned forty so I thought we'd have an

Leanne said...

A very mature approach to turning 40 :) An 81st sounds fun!

Jenny said...

This post made me laugh!

Amy said...

My 12 year old is a grumpy old woman! I think it is attitude rather than age.I think it will be a good year for us (at least we won't have a newborn!). At work we are having a birthday celebration for my friend Kristy who turned 40 last week and she is heavily pregnant too!