Tuesday, January 17, 2012

too late for resolutions?

I'm not sure why but the new year seems to afford more possibilities for self-examination and change. Of course we can strive to change at any time of the year, but now seems like a good time to think about it before the school year kicks off and I become enmeshed in washing, cooking and supervising homework. But it's mid-January already! Is it too late for resolve and resolutions?

2012 is a big year for me, not just because I'm turning 40 but because my youngest, Mr 5, begins school. So I will be overloaded with free time. Well actually no. I will be working two days a week, doing my crafting business and trying to keep my house tidy. But I will have more time. And I want to use that time wisely and well.
One thing I really want to do is to finish a book that Miss 10 and I started together about four years ago. It began as a story I told her and became longer and longer. But it only exists in my head. And I think I'd like to write it down so I can have some more room up there.
So here's the start:

"You may not know it but every family has a skeleton in the closet. Not an actual skeleton of dangly bones hanging up next to your school shirt – that would be revolting. But a nasty secret or something weird or embarrassing. Something you wish wasn’t so and perhaps you hope no one finds out about.  It might be a strange uncle who lives in a cave or a great aunt who dribbles and has a house full of smelly cats. It could be a cousin who irons his underwear or a brother who refuses to wear any. Whatever it is, you’re not alone because in every family there is a peculiar person or a dark secret. Something creepy or even criminal that you would prefer no one ever found out about.

It was a matter of concern and consternation that Harriet and William Summer had not one, but two skeletons in their family closet."


Amy said...

You've got me in, I want more! I finally got something else onto a borrowed ereader and I read it at Christmas, quickly, because I was lost in the story, but need to send you a proper email about that another time :)

Leanne said...

Sounds interesting, looking forward to hearing more about those skeletons in the closet.

Di said...

A terrific start! I look forward to reading it :-))