Wednesday, February 8, 2012

four letter words

I'm not much of a swearer. At least not of the standard four-letter-word variety. I like "bloody" and "bastard" and "bummer" - although strictly speaking that last one isn't really a swear word.

But I'm bummed (there I go again) that those few offensive four-letter-words have spoiled it for the rest of the perfectly functional and often lovely four letter words in the English language.

I have a new series of wall art called "four letter words" that feature the more family friendly variety. Such as LOVE, HOPE, PLAY, GROW etc. I make them on archival-quality mat boards and use only genuine vintage alphabet letter cards. I make them in 6"x8" ($20) and A4 ($35). Here are some samples of the smaller size...


Leanne said...

These are really nice Sarah! I like jazz...Can you request 4 letter words?

sarah barnett said...

Sure can!