Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend Market

This weekend my goodies will be at the annual ViEW Exhibits Show. It's held at St Ignatius' College, Riverview which you can get to by following Tambourine Bay Rd Lane Cove. I think it's the only school in Sydney that has a boat shed on its school grounds...

They always have excellent art including a great selection of Aboriginal art. This year there's some fabulous fibre art as well.

My things are in the craft section which is a touch more affordable. There's a whole new range of necklace scarves and felt flower brooches.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

treasury tuesday. circus.

Circuses. I went to a circus once and it was, well, just depressing. But yet there's something I love about them. Maybe it's the fonts that are used? Or men with curly moustaches. It could be the stripes.

Rare 2 CDV Photo Set / Sideshow Circus Freaks with their Daughter a Circassian Girl - diabolus
Victorian Tattooed Gal Paper Puppet Doll - crankbunny
Circus Cirque Necklace Banner Beige Black Handmade by TheSpangledMaker - TheSpangledMaker
Majorette Oil Cloth Canvas Doll - WolfHouse
Vintage 1940s Circus Dress // The Cirque du Flirt Amazing Authentic Red and White Striped Can-Can Performance Dress - FabGabs
Circus Sideshow Gaff Embroidered Wall Art: Two-Headed Cow. - AllNightDiner
Showstopper, "Little Women" series original drawing, fashion illustration - materiathief06
Carousel Candy/Gumball Dispenser (metal) - Jack Nadel Inc. Promotions - vintagelovesandmore
Vintage Metal Tin Bahlsen's Striped Cookie Tin Biscuit Tin Canister Circus Carnival Round Tin Sewing Storage - VintageEye
The Wunzy: Red and White Striped Cotton Romper - tattaratscat
Vintage circus figurine made of wood Ladies and Gentlemen - vintage shelf sitting circus ringmaster dapper guy - jollytimeone
Vintage Brass Horse Carousel Merry Go Round Horse Figurine - vintageeclecticity
Fancy Pants Tattooed man - mck254
Vintage Circus Poster, Cirque Molier, Woman White Hair Whip Riding Black Horse, Lions Tamer, Print,  Jack Rennert, Printed In America - KingPaper
Vintage toy - Noisemakers Tin with Wooden handles- Home Decor - Antique - macedoine