Tuesday, May 22, 2012

treasury tuesday. circus.

Circuses. I went to a circus once and it was, well, just depressing. But yet there's something I love about them. Maybe it's the fonts that are used? Or men with curly moustaches. It could be the stripes.

Rare 2 CDV Photo Set / Sideshow Circus Freaks with their Daughter a Circassian Girl - diabolus
Victorian Tattooed Gal Paper Puppet Doll - crankbunny
Circus Cirque Necklace Banner Beige Black Handmade by TheSpangledMaker - TheSpangledMaker
Majorette Oil Cloth Canvas Doll - WolfHouse
Vintage 1940s Circus Dress // The Cirque du Flirt Amazing Authentic Red and White Striped Can-Can Performance Dress - FabGabs
Circus Sideshow Gaff Embroidered Wall Art: Two-Headed Cow. - AllNightDiner
Showstopper, "Little Women" series original drawing, fashion illustration - materiathief06
Carousel Candy/Gumball Dispenser (metal) - Jack Nadel Inc. Promotions - vintagelovesandmore
Vintage Metal Tin Bahlsen's Striped Cookie Tin Biscuit Tin Canister Circus Carnival Round Tin Sewing Storage - VintageEye
The Wunzy: Red and White Striped Cotton Romper - tattaratscat
Vintage circus figurine made of wood Ladies and Gentlemen - vintage shelf sitting circus ringmaster dapper guy - jollytimeone
Vintage Brass Horse Carousel Merry Go Round Horse Figurine - vintageeclecticity
Fancy Pants Tattooed man - mck254
Vintage Circus Poster, Cirque Molier, Woman White Hair Whip Riding Black Horse, Lions Tamer, Print,  Jack Rennert, Printed In America - KingPaper
Vintage toy - Noisemakers Tin with Wooden handles- Home Decor - Antique - macedoine

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Amy said...

That tattooed lady is pretty awesome :)