Tuesday, May 29, 2012

treasury tuesday. geometry.

I used to quite like geometry. But sadly, like so many other things in life, my memory of its rules and functions has slipped away. I can still appreciate a decent triangle though.



Amy said...

I would never have thought of it but I really like those geometric necklaces. The colours are very happy.
How did your markets go? I am doing Muddi Markets on Sunday morning, solo because my friends are at convention (too expensive for me!).

sarah barnett said...

The results were very ordinary. :( I still have to learn not to take it personally. Canberra Handmade is coming up so I hope that makes everything better! :)
How are your markets going?

Amy said...

Haven't had one for ages. We sold a whole bunch of cards to a local pharmacy, though, which was pretty cool.