Tuesday, June 26, 2012

treasury tuesday. signage love.

As a species, we probably overdo the whole sign thing. When does it stop being helpful and start being visual pollution?
But then there are some signs that are objects of beauty. And I must confess to having a smallish sign collection in my home. Like everything. In moderation. Ish.

Vintage Flashcards Start Here Sight Words - TacynotTracy
German beers - 4 hand printed pint glasses - dark charcoal - Märzen Weizen Kölsch and Helles - vital
Mother's Day Sign - Chinese Translation - No Hullabaloo - SignFail
Vintage Estate Sale Sign - bellalulu
Vintage player piano roll. Collector gift. Ukulele Lady. Fox trot. Paper ephemera. US Music Company. Word roll. - WhiteDogVintage
Greetings in White Mini Stationery Set - Ciaffi
Eaten - photography egg wall art home decor scrabble word eat food picture gag gift prank geekery  Oht - GoldenSection
Cupcake Love Card : You are greater than cupcakes - 4four
Double Sided Luggage Tag - Personalized - Leather - Colors - Hand Stitched - harlex
Hand Painted Canvas Messenger Field Bag Satchel "Interdit aux Nomades et Campeurs" - clpstudio
Vintage Glass WALK street traffic sign - MonkiVintage
Vintage Industrial Toolbox - Electric Shop - vintageseventyfive
we go together like blogs and comments. letterpress card - shopsaplingpress
P31 Mini Dirigible kit - 2.25 inch - potus31
Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

seven letters.

Scrabble. Only seven letters per rack. Ah, the potential. These vintage beauties are on sale here for 25 bucks.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

golden. boy.

I love the sun in the late afternoon. Mr 5 stopped chasing his brother with a cricket stump long enough for me to snap this. Yes, he knows he's beautiful.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

instant philosophy.

I've been listening to Regina Spektor a bit lately. I like the way she notices familiar details. I like the way she looks at things from a different angle. My favourite line at the moment:

"I've got a perfect body / sometimes I forget / I've got a perfect body / cos my eyelashes catch my sweat".

Love it.

Hear are two pieces of my latest musings. Less philosophy, more lessons for life. Actually that sounds a bit grandiose but I'm standing by these sentiments as essential parts of modern life.

1. Tights are not pants.
2. "My bad" is not an apology.

What are your pearls of wisdom?

xxx Sarah

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

treasury tuesday. vintage. industrial

Mr Neat and I both have a penchant for the odd bit of industrial antiquery. (I know Amy, it's not a word but it's kinda folksy sounding). I like things that have had a life and get a new one in a different context. There are many an antique dentistry cabinet or optometrist's chart that I have drooled over. I once started bidding wildly on a vintage barber's chair and had to be physically restrained. (Mr Neat has his limits. He kept going on about having space for things and who was going to carry it up three flights of stairs... Well he had a point.)

So here are some drool-worthy lovely pieces that I won't be tempted to buy. Well maybe tempted. But I'll keep my hand in my pocket. Promise.    

Industrial Grain Scoopers - vintagebluesmiles
Vintage Wood Bins Stacking Crates Cubbies / Industrial Storage Organization - BirdinHandVTG
Large French Industrial Wire Basket with Handles - WdWsDesignTrends
Industrial Dustpan // Upcycled Garden Art - buffalowinter
Vintage Shurite AC - DC Voltage Line Tester - Industrial - Steampunk - Black and White - ThisCharmingManCave
Vintage Metal Box Industrial Drawers Office Storage Art supplies Organization Rustic Brumberger brand 1960's by metrocottage - metrocottage
Vintage Industrial Clay Wheels - Set of Two Swivel Wheels - shavingkitsuppplies
Vintage Wood Crate / Vintage Industrial Storage - HuntandFound
Vintage Industrial Office Assortment - Paper Fasteners, Pencil Oakville Defender Brands - toby11
20% off home decor sale midcentury deco style industrial parking meter - metal - salvaged - silver - urban decor - compostthis
3 lb Vintage Spool of String, Packaging, DIY, Crafting Supplies, Wrapping, Kite Flying, Needle Arts - 5gardenias
Original Industrial Factory Cart Coffee Table - 54L x 27w x 16.5t salvaged furniture steampunk living room rustic decor man cave in stock - brandmojointeriors
Pair of Vintage Wooden Shoe Form - APKVintage
Vintage Industrial Egg Rack : Repurposed Wall Organization - solsticehome
Fantastic Vintage Industrial Age Cramer Adjustable Swivel Drafting Machinist Stool - BarnAndBox
Vintage Lamp Shade Base - vntagequeen

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My hero.... Mr Neat

Still tecovering from Handmade Canberra over the weekend. The lovely Cath came along and was just brilliant while Mr Neat took everyone to their soccer games and church and did the shopping and kept everyone happy and clean and safe.

After a post-market blah (the realisation that I had to catch up on the washing, cleaning, organising etc that I omitted to do in the pre-market madness) I raised the possibility with Mr Neat of ditching the whole making and markets biz and becoming a superlative housewife who irons  and bakes and keeps the house looking spiffy. Well he smiled at me and said he'd prefer that I kept at my crafting thing. Except that it sounded so much more eloquent and romantic when he said it. That Mr Neat. He knows the way to my heart...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

treasury tuesday. oh snap.

I do love a spot of photography. It's one of those things that I don't get to do often enough and when I do I wonder what I've been doing with my time. I long harboured dreams of a cosy darkroom where I could while away the hours printing lovely black and white photographs. Then some boffin invented digital cameras. Which I now grudgingly like.

Polaroid camera photo, vintage camera, pastel, pink, neutrals, modern home decor, hipster, Polaroid love, pale pink - Pink Pola Love 8x8 - bomobob
Retro art-vintage camera print-typographic art poster 8x10 - funny quote art - oh snap - etchedandsketched
Film Camera Designs METALLIC BLACK Washi Paper Tape - Set of 3 NEW - PrettyTape
SAVE 25% Retro camera decor Hong Kong rare medium format 120mm lover collector Kinoflex Deluxe TLR - vintage camera fine art photograph - brandMOJOimages
Personalized pillow case - Your urban print choice (camera, bicycle, cassette, water tank, fingerprint) & fabric - 18x18 accent pillow cover - ClassicByNature
Ross Ensign Fulvueflex - Vintage 1950s Twin Lens Reflex 120 Camera - EcoRetroStore
Vintage Savoy Camera in Mint Green- FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING - dulcinas
Vintage Distressed Cognac Leather Large Camera Bag by Perrin - Trustfund21
Vintage MidCentury Medium Format Imperial Tower Phantom TLR Viewfinder Plastic Box Retro Camera in Awesome Grey Blue Slate. - franz66
Camera Green Vintage Retro  IPhone 4/4s case Modern Mint  redtilestudio - redtilestudio
Vermeer 4x5 inch wooden pinhole camera - vermeercameras
concrete camera fossil planter or other use urban fossil - elswago
mothers day gift camera tshirt holga yellow tshirt  womens-ready to ship in size medium - littleleestudios
4 Large Camera Charms Antique Tibetan Silver Two Sided - SC96 - BohemianFindings
sx 70 original polaroid land camera FREE SHIPPING - TheVintageLacy
Vintage Camera Rubber Stamp - Handcrafted Wood Mounted - Great gift for Letterboxing Cardmaking Photographers and more - brownpigeon