Tuesday, July 10, 2012

treasury tuesday. kerching.

Old machines have such a peculiar appeal. Tolkien wasn't too keen on machinery and their dehumanising effects. But then he had lived through WWI... Maybe I just like buttons and dials.


Addac Adding Machine - timelessmuse
Great Retro Plastic Adding Machine by Chadwick, math, science, techno, green, teal - ViewridgeVintage
Vintage Manual Dalton Adding Listing and Calculating Machine 1912 - arksendeavors
Antique Industrial Adding Machine by Todd Protectograph Co. - TREASURY - go2vintage
Vintage Pocket Calculator - tonyripley Traveling with my vintage calculator data bank watch, CASIO in Gold - summerground
World's Cutest Vintage Calculator - OliveandFrances
Vintage red calculator from USSR 80s, working industrial office decor - vintagelarisa
Vintage Old School Calculator 1950s - DollFood
Adiator pocket adding machine FREE SHIPPING - timelessmuse
vintade calculatar  produx - ANTIQUE83
add-it Dial-A-Matic adding machine - TheRightSpot
Comptometer Model J, Felt & Tarrant Mfg., Circa 1920 - CenturyAntiqueHome
Vintage USSR Soviet Russian Felix counting machine calculator - sovietvintage
Vintage Abacus Bakelite Beads & Black Wood Frame Wooden Antique Style Calculator Adding Machine Math Home Decor Office - VintageAndSupply
American Adding Machine in great shape - Dharmadejavu

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Nat @ dear little house said...

I would love one of those big old cash registers! They are crazy expensive around here though. When I worked in retail my boss had an adding machine from the 1960s that he used to cash up at the end of the day, I was always begging to do the cash up because I loved using the old machine :) The numbers only went up to 6 in each row, so if you had a 9 you had to press 6 then 3 :) Quirky!