Tuesday, August 28, 2012

treasury tuesday. vintage toys.

I do love toys. Fisher-Price were my favourite when I was little. That was back in the day when the figures were small and wooden or plastic. My kids have played with my vintage schoolhouse and hospital. And now I'm holding on to them for my grandkids.

My schoolhouse was given to me by my lovely Gran when I turned four. Today is another birthday, some decades after that birthday has been and gone. I reckon if someone gave me a 1970s Fisher-Price toy I'd be as excited as I was that morning back in 1976...  
Tin toy teacups, Ohio Art set of 3, vintage collectibles - SunnyDayVintage
ANTIQUE wind up RABBIT with KEY, his name is Afanasei. Use him for assemblage, home decor or to keep company. - BabyshkasAttic
Vintage Wood Blocks Set of 47 - VintageResolution
Toy Kitten - rustandmoth
Vintage 1960s 70s Cameo Kewpie Doll Jointed Squeaker 11.5 - feralia
Blue toy truck - vintage Zoomer Boomer by Topper Toys - reconstitutions
saleOLD VINTAGE MONKEY - sonjkuznetsova
Vintage Toy Wood Rolling Pins - PassedBy
Vintage Toy Cash Register Bank - circlethesquare
Vintage Mohair Teddy Bear 1950's Golden With Squeaker - PollysVintageBears
anyone for a spin around town  ...    vintage toy bus  ...   hamleys england - timelesssdesign
vintage lead toy horse - followmevintage
Sqeaker Toy Puppy Dog brown and white Sun Rubber Co. - happykristen
1930's Marx Tin Dial Typewriter Toy - TheNerdNest
Boxed Vintage toy cash register Casdon - sugarmiceintherain

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

treasury tuesday. turning japanese.

When I think of Japanese design, I think elegance, poise and balance. Of course there's also that manic, lurid, cartooneque dimension to some Japanese design. But Hello Kitty has no place on this blog. :)

White Matte Stoneware Carved Vase by Sara Paloma - sarapaloma
Pair of blackout LINED, narrow curtain panels, 25 x 84 inches drapes, Waverly cross section, grey - kirtamdesigns
Modern Eco Walnut Breadboard with Small Handmade White Porcelain Gloss White Glaze - TheDesignPallet
Organizer Padfolio Portfolio - CUSTOM MADE to ORDER - file folder, document organizer, document holder, conference folder - greengrass2
ON SALE CIJ Japanese Stencil Maple, 1893 Antique Print 6, Black, White, Shabby Chic, London, Paris, Yokohama, New York, Home Decor, For Fra - MarcadeVintagePrints
tree cups - lovemilodesign
Vinyl Wall Decal winter tree Wall decals with birds - 03 - WallDecalDepot
Acoustic  iPhone Speaker Dock Utilizing a Vintage Antique Atwater Kent Gramophone Phonograph Horn - READY to SHIP- - ReAcoustic
Elegant floral Japanese kimono damask fabric  14x46 inches - KIMONOCARDS
Wishes - ArtBySLynn
Japanese Kimono Fabric Vintage looking Maze In Black Crepe Fabric SAYAGATA - Fabric by Yard 1/2 yard - fabricmade
the mountain upper finger ring // bronze - WeAreArrow
Woman Vintage make over Japanese Kimono Silk Robe, Dressing Gown, Wrap, great for Christmas, Birthday, or Anniversary gifts - KeikoGraceWomen's green ballet flats slippers, Zen Olivine minimalist style house shoes, eco friendly vegan mary jane slippers in linen - LaLaShoesModern Minimalist Entry Hall Foyer Table - Display Table - Jewlery Table - Console Table - Wood Table - thezenartist

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

treasury tuesday. articulated dolls.

Aren't paper dolls just so fun and interesting. These are extra special. They're articulated dolls. I love that word - in both its meanings. Which is your favourite? For me it's a toss up between the owl and the stubbly guy in the red jumper.

Every Leaf is a Flower - articulated paper doll set with 13 silver brads - woolandwater

paper dolls pdf printable - download cut out and make yourself from Sweet William illustrations - lovelysweetwilliam
Articulated Paper Dolls Woodland Creatures Owl Fox Raccoon - jenniferbaughan
miniature moveable paper doll - JordanGraceOwens

Paper Doll Print, Articulated Paper Doll, PDF Paper Doll - Raspberry - Gingermelon
Articulated Goth Paper Doll - Digitial Download  - Altered Art -  U Print Format - Vintage Paperdoll 4DOLL - yourcraftephemera
Sisters-Articulated Paper Doll-Do it yourself - katyandthecat
butterfly fairy paper doll pattern download - birdandflower
Circus Folk Assembled Paper Doll, Valentina - kissabug

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

treasury tuesday. vintage and typography.

Letters. Numbers. Time. So simple but so effective. Oh and the fact that it's vintage make it all the more lovely.
I don't have a problem with the past. Really I don't.
Old Boxes in Cool Colors with Vintage Typography - Set of 4 Photo Props - somersaultvintage
Marquee Letter - M in green - snu2vintage
vintage house number - copper back & sides - heavy weight - very modern farmhouse cool - tribute212
vintage wood packaging crate / industrial storage - AMradio
20 Red Bingo Cards on cardboard - flattirevintage
Vintage Word Flash Cards. Large 9.5 X 7. Choice Of Five Words - Digvintageshop
Helvetica Canister Set - French Triomphe Typography - BarryVintage
USO WW2 St Louis Button Co Pinback PIn Lot Vintage Jewelry - jenniesjunque
Vintage Letterpress Wood TypeChoice of ONE Jumbo 5" letter or Number F N C P T Z 6 9 e a - MonkiVintage
Vintage Industrial Electric Fence Sign - AuroraMills
simplex school wall clock / industrial decor - AMradio
Vintage Typewriter Pink Olympia SM 3 Deluxe Manual Typewriter - GoodBonesVintageCo
Letterpress Type Drawer or Shadowbox / Hamilton Typeset Drawer - ConceptFurnishings
Large Vintage Typography Index Poster - A page of typography from a newspaper advertising service book - TheeLetterQ
Vintage Rubber Type Kit - 20thCenturyGoods
Vintage School Cursive Alphabet Chart - luckylittledot