Friday, August 3, 2012

Fathers' Day.

The triumverate of chaos (aka my kids) have a cousin called Luke. And it's an eternal question at our house whether his dad says in Vaderish tones, "No Luke, I am your father". We never remember to ask but I'm thinking Mr 8 would probably call his own child Luke just so he could say that line over and over again....
So it's Fathers' Day in Australia next month. I remember as a kid NEVER knowing what to get Dad for Fathers' Day. It was often computer socks (do you remember those?!) or Brut 33 aftershave because I liked the song on the ad.
Mr Neat doesn't really get into the whole Mothers' Day / Fathers' Day thing. He doesn't like all the commercialism nor does he like being told when to be grateful. So there's be no dodgy aftershave for him. But I know he'll never decline a book. We just won't call it Fathers' Day. Maybe we'll call it a coincidence.

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