Tuesday, August 7, 2012

treasury tuesday. vintage and typography.

Letters. Numbers. Time. So simple but so effective. Oh and the fact that it's vintage make it all the more lovely.
I don't have a problem with the past. Really I don't.
Old Boxes in Cool Colors with Vintage Typography - Set of 4 Photo Props - somersaultvintage
Marquee Letter - M in green - snu2vintage
vintage house number - copper back & sides - heavy weight - very modern farmhouse cool - tribute212
vintage wood packaging crate / industrial storage - AMradio
20 Red Bingo Cards on cardboard - flattirevintage
Vintage Word Flash Cards. Large 9.5 X 7. Choice Of Five Words - Digvintageshop
Helvetica Canister Set - French Triomphe Typography - BarryVintage
USO WW2 St Louis Button Co Pinback PIn Lot Vintage Jewelry - jenniesjunque
Vintage Letterpress Wood TypeChoice of ONE Jumbo 5" letter or Number F N C P T Z 6 9 e a - MonkiVintage
Vintage Industrial Electric Fence Sign - AuroraMills
simplex school wall clock / industrial decor - AMradio
Vintage Typewriter Pink Olympia SM 3 Deluxe Manual Typewriter - GoodBonesVintageCo
Letterpress Type Drawer or Shadowbox / Hamilton Typeset Drawer - ConceptFurnishings
Large Vintage Typography Index Poster - A page of typography from a newspaper advertising service book - TheeLetterQ
Vintage Rubber Type Kit - 20thCenturyGoods
Vintage School Cursive Alphabet Chart - luckylittledot

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Amy said...

I love vintage things. Things with history....