Tuesday, August 28, 2012

treasury tuesday. vintage toys.

I do love toys. Fisher-Price were my favourite when I was little. That was back in the day when the figures were small and wooden or plastic. My kids have played with my vintage schoolhouse and hospital. And now I'm holding on to them for my grandkids.

My schoolhouse was given to me by my lovely Gran when I turned four. Today is another birthday, some decades after that birthday has been and gone. I reckon if someone gave me a 1970s Fisher-Price toy I'd be as excited as I was that morning back in 1976...  
Tin toy teacups, Ohio Art set of 3, vintage collectibles - SunnyDayVintage
ANTIQUE wind up RABBIT with KEY, his name is Afanasei. Use him for assemblage, home decor or to keep company. - BabyshkasAttic
Vintage Wood Blocks Set of 47 - VintageResolution
Toy Kitten - rustandmoth
Vintage 1960s 70s Cameo Kewpie Doll Jointed Squeaker 11.5 - feralia
Blue toy truck - vintage Zoomer Boomer by Topper Toys - reconstitutions
saleOLD VINTAGE MONKEY - sonjkuznetsova
Vintage Toy Wood Rolling Pins - PassedBy
Vintage Toy Cash Register Bank - circlethesquare
Vintage Mohair Teddy Bear 1950's Golden With Squeaker - PollysVintageBears
anyone for a spin around town  ...    vintage toy bus  ...   hamleys england - timelesssdesign
vintage lead toy horse - followmevintage
Sqeaker Toy Puppy Dog brown and white Sun Rubber Co. - happykristen
1930's Marx Tin Dial Typewriter Toy - TheNerdNest
Boxed Vintage toy cash register Casdon - sugarmiceintherain

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! A proper grown-up now, like me :) I love those wee cups, I'd have a toy tea set for sure.